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Twix Twix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good Times

Great humor in this video, I really like the approach you took on the recent commercials with painfully humorous punchlines. Anways thanks for the lauphs, ive shown most of my freinds and received the same great reactions :P

Also, its unfortunate you only got #8, good luck in your future projects. <creepy> Ill be waiting. </creepy>

onefifth responds:

Haha, thanks man.

Ash Rapem: RAI493+D 003 Ash Rapem: RAI493+D 003

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Keep Going

I realize that most people will disagree with me, but heres my opinion. It's not what the other people think, if your submission made it through, then it made it through for a reason. When I saw your first and second 'realizations', I was a little put off, because of the lack of animation. Personally, I feel that if you keep this going for over a year, we will definatley see many improvements into something that is pretty cool, especially considering that you actually decided to animate this one. So, keep going, im looking forward to seeing your improvements over time, but please come up with something other than rape for a storyline >.<

I'm giving you a six because I believe that you did put effort into this, but I can tell you could do alot better.

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Caecilius responds:

You're a good man, FingerFactor, you're a good man. Thanks for your positive input!

Pork Pork

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You deserve a position somewhere where you can make $100000+ a year, and im not joking. Im being completely serious about this/ The loop was epic, I watched it about 6 times to realize it was looped, and then another 6 times cause it was catchy.

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AtomSphere AtomSphere

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The Only Good Bug is a Dead One.

Good idea for a game but the layout was a little counter-intuitive. I took me a couple lives to figure out that the ufo has to be shot in order to remove its missiles from game. I liked how the progression wasn't forced, but at the same time it allowed me too much time to get upgrades. I ended up on the last level of your game, against the very last super nuke with 4 health bars, but suddenly my cannon stopped working and the game restarted back on level one. Is this a glitch, or did you not expect anyone to get that far? Anyways, im sure if you clear up this issue of indicate why this is happening in the instructions, I think you will have yourself a solid game.

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Mario-Combat Mario-Combat

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Epic Adventure 8/10

Congratulations on making such an epic play experience with such simple rules! The engine you developed for this game is very smooth, and looks to be re-usable for other games you make in the future.

Unfortuneatly I scored VERY low in your game, a measly 117, but I think it may have been due to this glitch (remove the space): e.jpg

Anyways good job! Keep going!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nignog Killer 3? amidoinitrite?

Anyways... really good imo for your first game, but I don't approve of the theme. Crush the black people with a death car and get points, but hit a white guy and game over? I'm so glad America finally has a black president, shows atleast part of the population is moving past our racist past.

Graphics : 7/10
Game-play: 7/10
Re-playability: 4/10
Racism: 0/10
Total Score: 5(review) and 3(vote)

Tips: Pick different colours next time, offending the viewer usually wont help your score.

kizza0 responds:

0/10 for racism?!?!?! more like 10.
Nah, was jsut made for a joke for firends a while ago.